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Founded in London and now based in Barcelona, Fluorescent Smogg was born from a desire to work alongside internationally acclaimed creatives and provide a unique platform for artist-led limited editions. As a collective of artists, originating from both urban and contemporary art backgrounds, we boast 10 years experience in both art and product design industries.

Fluorescent Smogg works closely with artists and their respective galleries worldwide to produce high-quality editions that seek to compliment the artist’s current conceptual practice. The newly appointed project space incorporates printing studios and artist workshops, built to facilitate both sculptural editions and fine art prints. Each collaboration culminates in a site-specific installation from the artist, open exclusively on the day of the release alongside a limited edition coinciding with each project.

Located in Barcelona the project space provides an opportunity for artists to experience one of the most vibrantly creative cities in Europe. With a rich cultural heritage including Picasso, Juan Miro, Gaudi and Salvador Dali the Spanish city has long been an epicentre for creativity that still resonates today. We work with a host of local craftspeople, videographers and photographers throughout the production of each project, ensuring every release is designed and curated with the utmost attention, both digitally and in the physical space.

If you would like to contribute to one of our projects please contact: info@fluorescentsmogg.com Viewings by appointment only - Fluorescent Smogg, Carrer de Radas 41 T2, 08004 Barcelona, Spain.

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