I remember seeing a council sign above the last remaining bench on the Limehouse Cut canal a few years ago detailing reasons for its proposed removal. Listed as a main reason was that it encouraged anti-social behaviour. I thought it was funny that the bench, through fulfilling its social purpose was being labelled as anti-social. A few months later the seat of the bench was sawn-off, leaving two stumps.

The calamities of action all arise from the human condition of plurality, which is the condition sine qua non [essential] for that space of appearance which is the public realm. Hence to do away with this plurality is always tantamount to the abolition of the public realm itself.(Arendt 1958:220)

Shiny gumper thumbs invite plurality, and the unpredictability, moral irresponsibility and haphazardness that go with it.


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    Malarko x Fluorescent Smogg The Water in Majorca Slipcast stoneware with space gold glaze. Size: 11.6cm x 18cm x 9cm Edition: 12 View artist's full profile

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