Hebru Brantley x Fluorescent Smogg


In his first limited edition and site-specific installation in the UK, renowned Chicago artist Hebru Brantley has turned to Fluorescent Smogg to help him realise his iconic Fly Boy character in sculptural form – the most enduring and, arguably, the greatest form of fine art.
Brantley’s work features a host of conceptualized characters, who he uses to create urban narratives, explore pop culture and challenge traditional interpretations of heroes and protagonists. Fly Boy is by far the most recognisable of Brantley’s iconic characters, who have been rendered in a diverse array of mediums such as wood, found objects, spray paint, coffee and tea.
In a departure from his pop-art creations, Brantley and Fluorescent Smogg have produced a series of bronze sculptures of Fly Boy. The pieces were sculpted by Brantley, then cast by fine art specialists Wolf and Stone using traditional methods which date from some 3000 years ago, perfected by Renaissance artists of the 15th and 16th century such as Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti.

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