Gasius/Horphe/Mudwig/Petro x Fluorescent Smogg

FAMILY JEWELS -A Pin Badge Collectors Set-

A fantastic gift for anyone beaten down by the stresses of watching the moon pass by on rollerskates. We decided to make ourselves some pin badges that really express the current mood reflected within some of our favourite artists. In this set you will find an emotional Gasius “Dawg” pampering itself in tears while Mudwig freeze frames a “Smurf” getting some mild decapitation therapy, and Petros “Bunt Rabbit” exudes an act of power -almost shakespearean. Meanwhile Horphe provides the collectors out there with an animal which he didn’t have a name for yet. Enjoy

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    Gasius/Horphe/Mudwig/Petro x Fluorescent Smogg Title: FAMILY JEWELS -A Pin Badge Collectors Set- Description: Die cast enamel pin badge set by four wizards Size: 4 x badges 25mm (h) Edition: / 100 Year: 2015 Authenticity: numbered and authenticated View edition

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