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PETRO has been an active graffiti writer since the early 1980’s, heavily influenced by British electric- boogaloo graffiti nostalgia and all that is off-key. Throughout this time, he has developed an unmistakable style and a solid reputation within this anonymous subculture.

For this exhibition PETRO has combined the traditions of graffiti lettering, the galactic funk, wonky pattern repetition, primitive drawings of fantasy characters and an unhealthy obsession with Ralph Lauren. As well as art concepts including installation and performance, and his detailed pieces, entitled 'Life of a Pencil'.

Despite the epic transition and employment of new forms, concepts and expression, PETRO stays true to his approach. Bringing personality to letter form and bending the laws of the alphabet, along with painting all over the world and remaining unidentified have elevated PETRO into a faceless yet prolific spotlight.


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    Gasius/Horphe/Mudwig/Petro x Fluorescent Smogg Title: FAMILY JEWELS -A Pin Badge Collectors Set- Description: Die cast enamel pin badge set by four wizards Size: 4 x badges 25mm (h) Edition: / 100 Year: 2015 Authenticity: numbered and authenticated View edition

  • £ 85.00

    Petro x Fluorescent Smogg Title: Micro Doodles Description: 3 Colour screenprint on Fabriano smooth size: 49cm (d) x 65 (h) Edition: /2o Year: 2015 Authenticity: Signed and numbered by artist View Artist's full profile View edition

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