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Infamous in his hometown of Stockholm due to the plethora of monochrome tags bearing his name across the subway system, Nug experiments with capturing the energy of traditional graffiti bombing and his personal connection with it. His work features a variety of media and environments and his high octane, high speed style is exemplified in Territorial Pissings, a film made as part of his degree project, which went on to elicit praise and controversy in equal measure all over the world:

This isn’t art. This is damage and vandalism.

Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (Minister of Culture, Sweden)

A Minister of Culture should not decide what is art and what is not. As a happy reminder of this, I have a print of Nug’s Territorial Pissing hanging on my office wall.

Paavo Arhinmäki (Minister of Culture, Finland)


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    A3, 3 colour risograph print Fluorescent Smogg x Nug, signed and numbered by the artist. Edition: 50 View Artist's full profile View edition

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    Edition of 50 signed and numbered 72 page risograph printed book. Each artist has also produced a collection of limited edition prints inspired by the collaboration. View edition

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