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Egs is one of few artists that can claim to be truly global. Starting out in the 1980s as part of the first wave of Finnish graffiti, he has gone on to paint in more than 40 countries and collaborated with a staggering amount of other artists including Honet, Hes, Ket, Lodek, Petro, Pike, Rainman and Risk. His travels and collaborations have led to an almost unrivalled depth of knowledge about the regional style, folklore and culture of graffiti.

His own work is an exploration of the chirographic essence of graffiti, taking his own name and reshaping it into new forms and into his signature 'inkblot' style. His graffiti work utilises almost exclusively black and silver - the shapes of the letters starkly rendered and not 'camouflaged with other colours' - and his fine art work features deep Indian ink applied using a syringe. The result is graffiti art in its purest form, enabling the viewer to study the form and complexity of his work.


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    A3, 3 colour risograph print Fluorescent Smogg x Egs, signed and numbered by the artist. Edition: 50 View Artist's full profile View edition

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    Edition of 50 signed and numbered 72 page risograph printed book. Each artist has also produced a collection of limited edition prints inspired by the collaboration. View edition

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