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Originally from Melbourne, Australia but always on the move, Aeon mixes up his traditional graffiti pieces with his depictions of long haired big bellied 'bogan' characters that can be found on the streets of London, USA, Latin America, Asia, Melbourne, across Europe and in his current home of Barcelona. With his gallery work he has taken a different approach mixing up his style and techniques learnt painting on the streets and fusing them with imagery and objects seen on his travels.

His first show in Melbourne featured over 90 pieces and completely sold out motivating him to try his luck overseas. Since then, he has spent five years on the road traveling from country to country, painting and soaking up different cultures. His travels have resulted in successful shows in London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona. The sale of three pieces to the National Gallery of Australia triggered a string of collaborations, magazine features and projects keeping him on his toes and always busy.


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    A3, 3 colour risograph print Fluorescent Smogg x Aeon, signed and numbered by the artist. Edition: 50 View Artist's full profile View edition

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    Edition of 50 signed and numbered 72 page risograph printed book. Each artist has also produced a collection of limited edition prints inspired by the collaboration. View edition

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