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1.Before i encountered your art, and began to focus more heavily on it, i met you through record collecting online and this was early 2000's. As we both had a joint passion back then for rare soul music, i guess as someone who draws some inspiration from music myself i wanted to ask you how much if at all music influences your own practice.


Music influences me very heavily, buying records and finding new music is a never dying passion for me and i think it always will be. I get inspired by lyrics, atmospheres and whatnot besides the obvious fact that record sleeves and labels are often very inspirational. Also working with a lot of music people who needs graphics for records, stores, merch or whatever it's just a perfect way to combine interests.


2.I recently came to one of your shows in Stockholm "Plants" i came straight from the airport to the opening, and was suprised that it was on in a basement where i had to ring a bell, but once inside it was great like a private art party, without asking to state the obvious i was going to delve a little deeper and ask what was the premise behind the title and the driving force that lead the theme for that show?


I haven't done so many solo shows in that sense and a friend who works at that venue asked me if i wanted to exhibit something there. The theme itself came about when i had a period of time of just doing stuff for other people so i asked myself what i would've drawn if it was just something i wanted to draw for fun and the answer was plants. Plants, flowers and just organics shapes seems to come natural so i thought of doing something that i could do without putting too much time into it, i was home almost fulltime with my then 1,5 year old son so time was crucial.

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"I saw the animation with the record flying through the window, you guys obviously know what you are doing"


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