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Filled with neon colors, geometric patterns and symbols, Zosen’s paintings immerse the viewer in their vivid imagery. The artist creates his proper mythology, flooding walls and canvases with fantastic characters that reveal his commentary on the happenings of our own world. An active member of the Barcelona graffiti scene since the early 1990s, Zosen continues to produce projects that carry the anti-authoritarian spirit of his early days in the punk and do-it-yourself movements.

After immigrating to Barcelona from Buenos Aires as an adolescent, he began to experiment with different graffiti styles, combining social criticism with amusing characters and letters. In 2001 he became a member of the celebrated crew Ovejas Negras (ONG). Though the crew has disbanded, he continues to collaborate with its former members as well as artists of different disciplines from around the world.

The influences of skateboarding, fanzines and street culture permeate Zosen’s contemporary work, both on the street and in the studio. His murals bring color and spontaneity to the austere gray of the urban landscape of Barcelona as well as many other international culture capitals. But despite their playful aesthetic, Zosen’s paintings speak out against the social injustices he perceives. The multi-colored, two dimensional characters, though naive at a first glance, criticize the corruption of today’s society. Folkloric elements combine with the excesses of post-modernity, creating a new vocabulary of symbols.

While Zosen paints on the streets frequently, his repertoire has expanded to include performance art, printmaking, illustration and fashion design. He has shown his work in galleries in Europe, the Americas and Asia and is the co-founder of the clothing label Animal Bandido. Relentlessly creative, Zosen constantly invents new artistic projects and urban interventions.


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