Daniel Sparkes aka Mudwig

Mudwig portrait


Born 1980, Stroud, England. Self taught.

Sparkes inhabits the space between reality and illusion, between popular culture and scientific investigation, and creates a landscape where everything is spliced, butchered and dissected. His treatment of each subject, be it a desolate landscape, a stranger’s face or a panting animal, is linear; each must have a layer stripped away and another created, and each must have its own complex interior exposed. It is, as Sparkes has said himself, “a fraudulent science”. To an extent he also plays with the idea of our disconnection with nature through, for example, portraying animal butchery as an idealistic cartoon scenario. In a world so preoccupied with superficial banality, Sparkes’ work, although initially appearing tongue-in-cheek, brings with it a more robust message of the conflict between the natural and mechanical worlds.

E M 2013


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  • £ 30.00

    Gasius/Horphe/Mudwig/Petro x Fluorescent Smogg Title: FAMILY JEWELS -A Pin Badge Collectors Set- Description: Die cast enamel pin badge set by four wizards Size: 4 x badges 25mm (h) Edition: / 100 Year: 2015 Authenticity: numbered and authenticated View edition

  • £ 45.00

    Mudwig x Fluorescent Smogg Title: Putins Orange Crdinal Commemorative Stodge Disc Description: Ceramic Plate size: 22.5cm (d) Edition: /2o Year: 2015 Authenticity: Signed and numbered by artist View Artist's full profile View edition

  • £ 75.00

    "Piggie's Revenge (This Little Piggy Set A Booby Trap)" Edition of 20 five-colour screenprints on Fabriano smooth stock, 50cm x 70cm, signed and numbered by the artist. View Artist's full profile View edition

  • £ 275.00

    Edition of 13 etchings on heavyweight cotton rag paper, with four deckled edges, hand finished with gold foil and beeswax. View artist's full profile

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