Current editions

Adam Neate

'Dimensional Portrait 2021'

‘For this dimensional edition I wanted to create a portrait reminiscent of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s green lady. As a child her green face made a deep impression on me. I wanted to mix materials in terms of their tactile nature as well as their colours to create a visual dialogue between them. As we merge more and more with technology I wanted to portray a human soul in a Borg-like body’


Adam Neate, 2021

 3D Bas-relief sculptural painting published in two editions

 Back Panel - Yves Klein blue flock mounted acrylic

 Face - Resin mould containing iridescent filings

 Torso - Bio-Filament and acrylic paint, Red acrylic with spray fade hand finishing

 Size: 59.4 x 42cm x 10cm

 Signed and numbered by the Artist, authenticated by Fluorescent Smogg

 Bespoke tray-frame by Fluorescent Smogg with signature and embossed plate

Taku Obata


In collaboration with Fluorescent Smogg, Taku Obata presents a new oversized edition entitled ‘Chikyū’ (Earth). While the Tokorozawa-based artist is perhaps best known for his sculptural work created using traditional Japanese woodworking techniques, he is also undeniably a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, video and, as with this latest release, screen printing.


Fluorescent Smogg

 21 Colour Screen Print on Somerset Tub Satin 600gsm with Torn Edges

 Size: 170 x 90cm

 Edition /30, signed by the artist

 Worldwide shipping included free of charge